Fresh and Smoked handles all facets of filmmaking from development to production and post production. We've produced commercials, corporate films, music videos and feature films across North America. When our clients have a brand, product, or campaign to promote, they call upon Fresh and Smoked for new innovated solutions. We deliver results.

Fresh and Smoked tells stories and paints pictures. By bringing stories to life; we give them heartbeats – texture – substance. By fusing raw energy with experience we produce visual works that leave lasting impressions. Our videos make a mark. Our commercials sell products. Our films provoke thought, stir emotions, blaze trails.

Fresh and Smoked uses modern technologies to foster original ways of storytelling. As a business we blur the line between art and commerce.

Fresh and Smoked offers our clients a true one stop creative shop for all aspects of film, video, print, radio and web production. When the smoke clears and all is said and done, we stand as forward thinkers who stay ahead of the ever-changing curve.

Fresh and Smoked services:
-creation of scripts, concepts storyboards
-pre and post production
-content creation for New Media channels
-corporate training videos
-web content for individual websites
-management social media community

Los Angeles 818 505 1311

Calgary 403 991 5300
403 389 2693

Fresh & Smoked is always open to original ideas. For more information on our submission policy, contact :

employment information email resumes to

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